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9 Best Tattoo Aftercare Products Recommended by Experts ...
"Immediately after getting a tattoo, it's important to keep it covered with an occlusive ointment to optimize wound healing and prevent an infection," says Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and...
17 Best Tattoo Lotions & Creams For Aftercare (2020 ...
When I got my first tattoo twenty years ago, there was little talk about tattoo aftercare. Sporting my new, and somewhat painful emblem of independence, I was told to keep it clean and to...
The Top 9 Best Tattoo Aftercare Products in 2020
When your tattoo bandage is first removed it’s best to use a tattoo soap and warm water to clean it, however some tattooists recommend an antimicrobial ointment After 3 days is generally the best time to start incorporating tattoo lotion into your aftercare routine.
10 Best Tattoo Lotions for Healing and Maintenance in 2020
“After the initial healing period of three to five days, we recommend using lotion for two weeks to one month after the tattoo has healed,” says Goold. “That said, it can definitely take longer for...
Best Ointment For Tattoos; Here Are The Top 3 - Ink Vivo
Artists recommend applying a small amount of ointment during the first couple days of healing after getting a new tattoo because ointments tend to be thicker and more water-resistant than lotions or creams.
Tattoo Aftercare: Products, Tips & More
Aftercare starts as soon as your tattoo is done. The artist should apply a thin layer of petroleum ointment over the tattoo, and then cover the area in a bandage or plastic wrap. This covering...
Tattoo Aftercare Contradictions: Methods and Advice
Some tattoo aftercare sheets recommend washing with an antibacterial soap, treating with antibacterial ointment for three to five days, and then following it up with a moisturizing body lotion. Others will tell you that antibacterial ointment is a "no-no" and to just keep the tattoo clean and use a little cream.
Tattoo Aftercare - Prevent Tattoo Fading | Mad Rabbit ...
The superior tattoo aftercare you've been searching for. Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm keeps tattoos looking bold, and contains only the finest all-natural ingredients sourced from greater Los Angeles.
After Inked - Tattoo Aftercare, Piercing Aftercare ...
After Inked Tattoo Aftercare and Piercing Aftercare. As seen on TV shows Ink Master and NY Ink. Used and recommended by Professional World-Renowned Artists.

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